Concrete Driveway contractors in Inglewood

 Whether you want a new look with your garage or cracks in your driveway, Inglewood Concrete Corp. can help you with your new project or bring it to the original condition. Concrete driveways last for many years,​ provide consistently smooth, level driving and walking surface. It does not require much maintenance either and we all just need to keep it sealed and in clean condition. 

Contact us now for your concrete driveway project. Our expert contractors uses quality materials that will ensure your new driveway for the test of time and guaranteed with low maintenance. We can help you with your installation now!

We can help you with the following services as well:

-Sidewalks and Garage Concrete
-Concrete Installation, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Repair, and even Demo
-Concrete Leveling
-Curb addition or repair
-Decorative Projects
-Concrete repair including driveways
-Grading (especially if you have a flooding basement)